The 10 Longest Flights You Can Take

For a lot of us flying on an airplane is nothing but pure anxiety. The thought of being 35,000 feet in the air, traveling at hundreds of miles per hour in a metal tube that you have no idea of how works, creates an almost obsessive amount of worry that can be very hard to overcome. Even though thousands of studies have shown that air travel is completely safe and accidents are exceedingly rare, air travel is a risk that many of us won't take. According to Dennis Muilenburg CEO of Boeing, nearly 80% of the world's population has never taken a flight. There are a number of reasons that could be behind this number, but you have to think that fear is a big one of them.

As someone with a bit of a fear of flying, I have managed to somewhat suppress my phobia, though long flights still pick at my nerves. If the flight time is anything over 2 hours, I'm usually more apprehensive before I book my ticket. This is why when I hear about flights that last almost a full day's time, I can't fathom how someone would want to be on a plane for that long. The infographic below courtesy of Statista shows the longest direct flight times to date. Take a look and let us know if you would travel on one of these marathon journeys.

Source : Statista