10 Countries Where College Costs Won't Ruin You

In the United States, the decision to attend college is not only a choice about what you want to do for a career but also a huge financial decision. This is because the average yearly public university cost in the USA is a jaw-dropping $10,486. This means that if you are lucky enough to complete your degree on time, you will end up spending nearly $42,000 after for years and not including any living expenses.

You would think that a country that bills itself as the richest, most powerful nation on earth would make it a priority to give its citizens the best education possible for free or at least a very low cost. This is certainly not the case, however, and it is a problem that keeps getting worse. The average cost of a public university education in 1980 was just $1900 and since then, tuition has gone up more than 1200%.

So is this normal? Do other countries charge such an exorbitant amount for higher education? Well just look around the world and you will see that the answer is no. The infographic below shows 10 countries where college is much cheaper than in the United States. The costs below are for citizens of the stated country, but many of these countries also charge low rates for international students, so if you are planning to attend college in the near future it may be worth it to consider enrolling somewhere overseas.